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Book Club Guide

Any book club needs two key ingredients: food and discussion. Please enjoy the suggestions below to help enhance your reading of Keeper Chronicles: Awakening either by yourself or with a book club!


Heap of pecan nuts, isolated on white Stock Photo - 291257811. Lacey’s Pecan Waffles

Recipe: For great pecan waffles, start with a basic waffle recipe such as the one so thoughtfully offered by one of my favorite celebrity chef’s, Alton Brown from Food Network (http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/alton-brown/basic-waffle-recipe.html).  Once you have this prepared, add crushed pecans and a pinch of cinnamon for an extra little something.  This recipe goes well with a natural maple syrup and dollop of homemade whipping cream.

Tip: To crush the pecans, place them in a ziplock bag, cover with a clean dishcloth, and crush with a rolling pin.

Serving suggestion: To serve as a finger food at a party, cut into strips and provide small dippers of syrup or (yum!) melted chocolate sauce.

2. Lemon Crepes

Recipe: This great recipe comes from another awesome celebrity chef, Emeril Lagasse (http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/emeril-lagasse/lemon-crepes-recipe.html). Now, you can use the base crepe recipe at the bottom of the website for any situation. They go well for sweet crepes – one of my favorite being smothered with Nutella, fresh sliced bananas, and strawberries in sauce – but you can also add some meat or vegetables to make a more savory version.

Tip: When making crepes – one of my favorite breakfast foods! – be prepared to burn the first one or even two. You need the right pan and the right heat to get that perfect, fluffy texture. The lemon creme sauce, well, needs no introduction.

Serving suggestion: Consider making small crepes than the traditional version and, instead of the traditional triangle fold, roll the crepe up with the filling inside like a salami roll-up. This way, people can eat them as a finger food. Pshh, you can also exchange the filling on the recipe for lemon-flavored ice cream and turn this into a refreshing dessert.

Suggested Discussion Questions

  1. Sometimes in the story, it’s difficult for the characters to tell a demon from a person. Would you say there’s a little demon in all of us?
  2. Rebekah’s parents keep the truth of her heritage from her for as long as they can, did they do the right thing?
  3. Who was a better fit for Rebekah, Gabe or Dylan (pre-demon version, of course)?
  4. Why did Rebekah sign the bed-n-breakfast over to the two Hunters? Did losing her child have any impact on the decision?
  5. Is there any symbolism behind using lighthouses as the setting of the book?
  6. Which character do you relate to most?
  7. While Dylan fits the more classic image of a “romantic hero,” ultimately Gabe is the true hero of the book. What do these characters have in common? How are they different?
  8. A lot of characters in this experience the death of a loved one either in the story or as part of the back story. How does death play a role in this book?

Got other questions you think should be on this list? A recipe to share? Want to schedule a Skype session for me to talk with your book club? Email me at katherinewynter(at)yahoo.com. 

I’d love to have a picture of your book club together with the book to add to the website!


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