Katherine Wynter

author of distinctive urban fantasy

Reaper Legacy

An epic adventure awaits those brave enough to battle for the skies…

Reaper-Legacy CoverHunt for the Lost Raven

Lilianna Raven dreams of the day she can sail away on one of the elegant skyships that trade with her remote isle.  Before she gets the chance, however, her village is attacked by Reapers – a bloodthirsty nomadic people known for taking what they want and killing anyone who stands in their way.  Her flight from the Reapers takes her across the floating isles of the Sundered Realms via an ancient system of gateways believed destroyed in the Breaking.

Hunting Lili is the ruthless Captain Kyralynn Ranise, daughter of the Reaper Dragon Lord.  But she’s not alone.  A captive mage, rival Reaper clans, and even the gods themselves vie for the secret Lili’s father entrusted her with safekeeping.

Will Lili be able to protect the key to traveling from isle to isle without a ship from those who would use it – and her – for their own twisted ends, or will her love for one person cost the Isles everything?

Reaper Legacy is published by Under the Moon Publications, an Imprint of Final Sword Productions. Check out a sneak peak of Chapter 0!

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Hunt For The Lost Raven (Reaper Legacy Book 1)