Katherine Wynter

author of distinctive literary fiction and fantasy

Explore the Isles

DuraniaWhen the world was Broken, only the strongest survived.

While no one remembers what exactly caused the Breaking, everyone knows what happened next. The ground split, the realms of air, water, and fire divided, and only those isles with sufficient Skystone to stay afloat survived. Civilizations were destroyed. Thousands of years of history, lost.

A once vibrant land of races and cultures and kingdoms: Sundered.

From the wreckage arose new kingdoms who learned to mine the Skystone buried in their isles and build skyships to bridge the once impossible gaps between the isles.¬† Trade returned, connecting isles isolated for hundreds of years, and two island nations rose to power: Barimore and Camsdale. A center for industry and technology, Barimore’s steamships are formidable flying fortresses who control a vast nation of isles. The Camsdale Queen’s disciplined fleet bring order to the isles with the rule of law. But they aren’t alone.

Reaper-Legacy CoverReapers stalk the skies, raiding villages and killing anyone stupid enough to get in their way.

Can anyone save the Sundered Realms from the savagery of the Reapers? All hope rests with the lost heir to the Raven Clan. Whoever finds her will have the power to rule the skies.

Reaper Legacy: Hunt for the Lost Raven chronicles the collision of Kyralynn Ranise, the daughter of the ruthless Dragon Lord, and Lillianna Raven who was left an orphan after entire clan was destroyed by the Dragon. Will they work together to defeat their enemies or will their vast differences destroy everything?


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